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Seamstress Spotlight: Sonia & Her Nicola Dress


We’re excited to have Sonia Fonseca on the blog today to show us her Nicola Dress! Sonia writes about sewing on her Spanish blog,  La Peqeña Aprendiz.

Where can we find you online?

You can find me at La Peqeña Aprendiz, on Facebook here, and on Instagram here.

How and when did you learn to sew?

It all started with the “Red Festival” organized by my daughter’s kinder. She had to go dressed in red. A couple of months before, I watched some mom’s blogs where they were sewing dresses and beautiful clothes for their daughters. I was so jealous! So I rushed out to buy 39 inches of red piqué for making a very simple red dress. I have to confess that it was a disaster from the minute 0. I cut the fabric the wrong way and the pieces did not match. I was really bad at sewing that red little dress! It couldn’t be worse!

Ironically, now I have a closet full of beautiful clothing made by myself. It makes me feel so proud!

How would you rate your skill level?

Although I teach sewing, I honestly think that I am in an Intermediate level. I am always learning something new and improving my sewing skills.

Pattern: Nicola Dress by Sewaholic Patterns

Tell us about your make. 

When I made the decision to sew this nice pattern, I was pretty convinced that I had to use a fabric with great fall. It has been a pleasure to sew several pieces of this pattern; first of all, the back yoke: it’s amazing how the seams remain hidden. Building the shirt collar and sewing the sleeves has been easy because of the good explanations given. Finally, I’d like to mention the dress belt, it’s so cool!

Modifications:   My dress is four inches shorter than the pattern because I like wearing dresses above the knee.

Thoughts on the finished garment…

This dress is very feminine and looks great. It suggests curves but at the same time, it conceals them. The skirt with lots of glide makes you feel so pretty. Also, the elastic waistband fits perfectly and it is so comfortable!

I remember the first time I wore the dress. After walking through the streets wearing my Nicola dress, I realized how sheer and comfortable it is.

Thanks so much Sonia! Don’t forget to check out Sonia’s blog, La Peqeña Aprendiz.


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