We do our best to make our patterns error-free and fun to sew, however, sometimes one slips by our pattern testers and editors. If you think you've found an error in a pattern you purchased, please contact us and we'll look into it.

Below are a few errors we've discovered. Make a note of these on your pattern for future reference!

Pattern: 1001 Pendrell Blouse, First Printing

Pattern piece for Neck Binding (6) should be labelled with Cut 1 instead of Cut 2.

Pattern: 1103 Minoru Jacket, First Printing

In Sewing Step 22, text should read 'Press under jacket hem, 2 5/8" (7cm) - the 5/8" symbol is missing.

Pattern: 1201 Renfrew Top, First Printing

In Sewing Step 6, for View C, text should read 'Sew collar pieces right sides together along un-notched edge.'

Pattern: 1206 Hollyburn Skirt, First Printing

On the envelope back, the finished waist measurement for Size 12 should read 32 1/2 - not 31 1/2. 

Pattern: 1301 Robson Coat, First Printing

In Sewing Step 22, text should read 'Sew inner sleeve seam and finish seam allowances. Press towards under sleeve.' (This won't make a huge difference either way!)

Pattern: 1401 Gabriola Skirt, First Printing

On pattern pieces 4 and 5, the single notch that connects the yoke to the skirt pieces should be graded and move for each size, instead there is just one notch. 

Download new pattern pieces here - 1401 Pieces 4 and 5.pdf.

The notch on the piece is for size 4, it should move TOWARDS centre front for sizes 2 and 0 and AWAY from centre front for sizes 6 -16. This notch was meant to match to the skirt seam. If you disregard this notch and match the end points of the seam instead, you'll be fine as it's a short straight seam. 

Pattern: 1403 Yaletown Dress & Blouse, First Printing

Cutting layout for View A shows two front pieces cut with the right side up. You'll need to flip the pattern tissue over for the second front, so they are mirror images of each other. 

Step 14 shows the gathering stitches between the outer notches, but you only need to gather between the two upper notches. It's not a big deal as the notches will still line up if you gather more of the sleeve cap.

Pattern: 1501 Granville Shirt, First Printing

Fabric requirements for View C should read the same as View A & B for 60" (150cm) wide fabric.

Pattern: 1502 Oakridge Blouse, First Printing

Sewing Step 7 should be labelled for View C only. Skip this step for Views A & B.